We are thrilled to announce that Professor Terrie Moffitt co-founder of the E-Risk Study has been recognised in the first King’s Birthday Honours (2023) with an MBE for services to social science! You can read more about this exciting achievement here.

We are absolutely delighted that the UK Research & Innovation Medical Research Council (UKRI MRC) has awarded £2.3m to the E-Risk Study to enable us to collect new follow-up data from our wonderful twins when they reach 30 years of age. We can’t wait to see them all and find out how they are getting on in adulthood!!! Read more about this funding award here.


E-Risk in the News

ADHD and social isolation

ESRC LISS-DTP PhD student Katie Thompson’s paper showing increases in ADHD symptoms directly and consistently lead to more social isolation throughout childhood, using data from the E-Risk Study, received a lot of national media coverage:


Air pollution and mental health

Dr Aaron Reuben’s paper on showing that E-Risk twins exposed to higher levels of outdoor air pollution (particularly nitrogen oxides) during adolescence were more likely to experience a wide range of mental health problems at the transition to adulthood, received coverage in both the national and international press:


Podcasts, blogs & videos

E-Risk Study showcased on Beyond the Stigma podcast

Listen to Prof Helen Fisher, E-Risk Principal Investigator, and Becky Gray, E-Risk Projector Coordinator, discuss the E-Risk Study, why it’s important to study twins, the impact the findings from our amazing twins have already had in the wider world, and what we have planned for the future: https://behindthestigma.buzzsprout.com/1402324/13138113-the-e-risk-study-with-professor-helen-fisher-rebecca-gray


E-Risk Co-I chats to Will Young about epigenetics

Dr Chloe Wong, E-Risk Co-Investigator, discuss epigenetics and generational trauma on the Wellbeing Lab podcast with popstar turned podcaster Will Young. This includes her fascinating findings that being victimised during adolescence may alter the way our genes work using data collected from E-Risk twins. Listen now on Spotify , Apple, or Amazon.


E-Risk findings on violence and mental health discussed on social work podcast

Prof Helen Fisher, E-Risk Principal Investigator, discusses findings from an E-Risk paper on the impact of experiencing violence during adolescence on mental health at the transition to adulthood in this Social Work Research podcast: https://martinwebber.net/archives/podcast/45-violence-during-adolescence-and-mental-health


Bringing the voice of lived experience to mental health and violence research​

In this blog, three young people with their own experience of violence and/or mental health issues who worked with Dr Rachel Latham (E-Risk postdoc) describe what it was like to be involved in analysing and writing up E-Risk data on this topic: https://www.kcl.ac.uk/bringing-the-voice-of-lived-experience-to-mental-health-and-violence-research


Animation on mental health outcomes of bullying

Prof Louise Arseneault, PI of E-Risk Phase 18, and Ali Hussain created this animation in collaboration with the Policy Institute at King’s and Young Research Advisers from the National Children’s Bureau. It is based on a policy briefing calling for more targeted support for bullied children to prevent future mental health problems. This stems from E-Risk findings among pairs of identical twins, in which bullied twins experienced higher symptoms of anxiety and depression compared to their co-twins who had not experienced bullying. You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJpWUBSNhI4


E-Risk findings featured in video about cities and psychosis

Prof Helen Fisher, E-Risk Principal Investigator, talks in this Evening Standard video about findings from the E-Risk Study which show that adolescents who grew up in cities are more likely to hear voices and be paranoid than those who grew up in more rural areas: https://www.standard.co.uk/escapist/health/mental-health-in-the-metropolis-what-it-s-like-to-have-a-psychotic-experience-a3574076.html


E-Risk findings on childhood psychotic experiences showcased in BA video

Prof Helen Fisher, E-Risk Principal Investigator, talks about findings from the E-Risk Study on risk and protective factors for hearing voices and paranoia among children in this video for the British Academy Summer Showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FB2qhvC88E